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Therapist Availability

Whilst we are not a 24 hour massage service, we can generally provide remedial massage therapists morning, afternoon and evening depending upon the particular therapists and the amount of notice. Some therapists are available from 9am whilst others work until around 9pm at night. Whilst not all therapists work all days of the week, we do provide a seven day a week service so yes we do work Saturdays and Sunday. Please be aware that the more notice you can provide then the more likelihood we have of providing you with the most suitable therapist for you.

Real time online bookings available
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NB Online bookings with female therapists are currently not available - if you specifically wish to book with a female therapist then please call 0421 410 057.
In addition, female therapists are not available for men at short notice.

Some therapists provide a regular update on their schedules so that you can check out when these therapists may or may not be available. These are:

Richard's availability
Gareth's availability

Others prefer to have just a generic schedule, listing the general times that they may be available to provide you with the massage you deserve!

Lauren's availability
Liz's availability
Patrick's availability

Eastern Suburbs Therapists who may be available

Amanda's availability
Kimberley's availability

Other therapists may also be available - please phone to check whether a therapist suitable for your requirements is available
Please note whilst we endeavour to maintain accurate information, the data on this website is indicative and changes as bookings are made during the day. In addition, please be aware that not all therapists are available for all regions of the area Inner West Massage covers.

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NB Please note, we are professional remedial massage therapists.
We do not provide any non-therapeutic massage services.
Bookings with female therapists are only accepted from female callers (ie men who wish to see a female therapist will need a female to book on their behalf).
Thank you for your understanding. There are no restrictions for bookings for female clients or male therapists.

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