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Couples Massage in Sydney

As a Sydney mobile massage service one of the advantages we have over clinic based remedial and relaxation massage is that we can arrive with two therapists and provide massage to couples at the same time. For busy people this can be a great way to relax and receive quality bodywork without it eating into too much free time.


Sydney Couples MassageIf you were to go to a clinic to see a therapist separately then by the time you and your partner travel and each have your massage then you can be looking at around 3 hours that you would spend apart for just an hour’s massage each. By having two therapists come to your home then you can relax side-by-side and the total time will be only the set-up and pack-up time for the therapists along with the massage.


Generally it is easier for you to organise an appointment with one company so that they can coordinate that the therapists arrive at the same time but if you have a particular preference for a specific therapist (or therapists) that offers mobile massage then there is nothing stopping you from effectively arranging the couple massage with two different companies (or therapists working as sole traders).

Couples Massage Training
In many cities in Australia and the world there are therapists that will offer massage training specifically for couples. However, to my knowledge there is no-one offering this service in Sydney. There are probably WEA type courses that will offer classroom training to multiple groups of couples but I’m talking about one therapist assisting one couple in their home for relaxation (if anyone does offer this service then feel free to email us using contact details on main website).

Occasionally we are asked if we will provide couples massage training in Sydney. Normally the request is for a therapist to provide instruction/demonstration for the couple but at present we are not really set up to formally offer this service. However, it is not uncommon for us to demonstrate a specific stroke for providing relief for a specific muscle or muscle group so that someone can help their partner (between massages) with a particular problem.

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