What to look for when choosing a Day Spa

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It would be nice to leave behind the stress of your everyday life and escape to a vacation resort or spa for a week or more, but for most of us that just isn't going to happen anytime soon. The only alternative for most people is to enjoy a day at a local spa in Sydney when you have the time.

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But what if you don't know where to go in your local area? If you live in a smaller town you may have to go to a larger city nearby to find a really good day spa, though most mid-to large sized cities will have at least a couple options to select from.

It used to be that women just pulled out the local phone book and called the closest location, but there is actually a lot to think about before booking a spa trip these days. This will be the most relaxing and energizing day you have ever experienced if you pick the right establishment, but it can be a complete nightmare that zaps more energy than it delivers if you choose the wrong one.

So, your best option is to go online and search for local day spas. This will allow you not only to locate the nearest establishments, but to do some research into each of them first. You can start by looking up websites for any local spas that your friends or colleagues have recommended and then perform a search for others that you may not know about yet.

Following are some things to look into before you book that luxurious day away at one local day spa or another.

The Spa Environment
Would you feel more comfortable going to a small spa owned by an individual or family, or would you prefer going to one of the larger, well known spas? Some people really enjoy the extra attention that comes from the smaller, more intimate setting while others get more enjoyment from the luxuries that often come with the upscale, large salons with more services and amenities.

If you aren't certain which environment will be more soothing and relaxing to you, just start working through the following tips and see what really catches your attention. If anything, you can visit a couple different types of spas to see what appeals to you most.

Available Treatments offered by the Day Spa
Looking into the services offered by different day spas is the starting point. If you have never been to a day spa, look for menus of services online and learn what each different term means. This will give you an idea of the different types of facials, massages, hydrotherapy, skin treatments and other services that can be ordered.

If you are already familiar with spa services and have specific ones that you know you want, look for locations in your area that offer those services. If you can't find this type of information online, call the spa up and ask. Never leave it to chance or assume!

Price Comparison
While checking into available services at different local day spas, compare prices as well. You don't want to make a final decision on prices alone, but it should be considered in unison with the next tip to find the absolute best and safest option.

What is the quality, training and skills of the Day Spa's Employees
When looking at a day spa's website, look for pages titled "about us" or "our company." These pages will often state the philosophy or overriding mission of a spa, which can give you a great idea of the atmosphere they may present and the type of service you may receive. If you can find out information on the owners and/or managers, that could be very useful as well.

Look for details on the qualifications and experience level of the employees as well. You only want to go to a day spa where the therapists are licensed and professional, especially if you will be doing medical procedures such as Botox.

Finally, make a phone call and ask some questions about the services, even if you already know the answers. A qualified day spa will have someone on hand who knows the ins and outs of the business.

You should come out with at least one or two great day spas in your local area after looking online and making some inquisitive phone calls. If you are still conflicted over where to go, consider asking a couple locations for a tour. Check into the cleanliness, the professionalism and friendliness of staff, and how relaxing the environment feels to you.

By Richard Lane

Any information, advice, recommendations, statements or otherwise contained herein, or in any other communication whether oral or in writing, is not intended to replace or to be a substitute for medical advice trained by a trained physician or healthcare practitioner.
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