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Tips for a Great Mobile Massage in your Sydney home

Once you experience a home massage, it's hard to contemplate ever going back to a clinic. It is just illogical to climb into your car after a massage to undo all the good work of your therapist. Tightly gripping a steering wheel, sitting the a driving posture, can instantly restart the muscle tightening process, reversing the pain relief your therapist provided.

However, to optimise the benefit of a home massage then taking a few minutes to prepare the massage space (and you!) can turn a good massage into a great one! The significance of the following suggestions will depend upon your own personal circumstances, environment and your expectations of the massage.

Even if your intention is solely to experience the benefits of remedial massage, our belief is that optimum relief is achieved through a combination of remedial work and relaxation. Without some relaxation within the massage, the physiological benefits upon the body will be reduced.

Our tips for a great massage

1. Try and begin the relaxation process prior to your therapist arriving.
If you're running around before then it'll take you longer to wind-down once you're on the table. Having a shower or bath before can begin this process.

2. Prepare a suitable space for your therapist's table. (Obviously there are space constraints in some houses).
Making sure that the therapist has good access to the parts of your body you need work on will ensure that the massage proceeds smoothly without the therapist bumping into your furniture (or you!).

3. Turn your mobile phone off (and home phone if possible)
Nothing more distracting than a phone going off during the massage. Even if you choose not to answer it then it still disturbs the flow of the massage as you wonder what the call was about.

4. Turn the TV off!.
We've carried out massages on clients who have watched television throughout the massage - it's their choice but sub-optimal for 'me-time'.

5. Keep pets (and children) away from the massage space.
We realise that this is not always possible. A lot of our clients are busy parents for whom having a home massage with their kids around is the only option. (Mind you a couple of small treats/bribes for the little ones can work wonders).
For some being able to listen to their children playing whilst having a massage, can provide enhance the therapeutic benefits.

6. Put on some music.
Whilst some of our therapists may bring music, for obvious reason we try and minimise the amount of equipment particularly when there are three flights of stairs involved.

7. Make sure that the temperature of the room is appropriate.
In winter you will cool down significantly during the massage so a comfortably warm room is desirable.

8. Turn down the lights a little, draw the curtains or maybe light a candle or two.
Turning over during your massage in a bright room can sometimes be an all too sudden return to reality.

9. If you want to chat during your massage then go ahead and talk.
If you want silence then your therapist will respect that and keep conversation to a minimum. It's your time.

10. At the end of the massage, take your time getting off the table.
If you want to lie still for a minute or two then that's fine with us (unlike other mobile massage companies who start the clock the minute they ring at the door). Staying in 'your space' and returning to reality slowly enhances the relaxational benefits of your massage (sometimes paying for the massage and collecting the receipt prior to your massage is the way to go).

11. For couples, having a massage in the same room is a great experience (if there's enough space), although we recommend keeping conversation to a minimum (mind you , sometimes chat flowing back and forth is what the clients want and need).

Bear in mind these are only suggestions and in some surroundings some of them are just not viable. Our philosophy is to tailor our massage to you.
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