Health Fund Information and Remedial Massage

** Please note** As of Oct 2019 most health funds have excluded mobile remedial massage as eligible for health fund rebate. Only a couple of funds will still pay rebates. Please enquire when booking if you require more information.

For many individuals and families, health insurance is essential. However people may think that all health funds are similar in what benefits they offer and the premiums they charge. Yet each fund can pay significantly different benefits for different treatments. It is easy to take a lazy attitude and assume that changing to another health funds is probably not worth the effort.

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However, we suggest that this is not the case and it is more than likely that there is a different health fund to the one you are currently in that offers you better benefits or similar benefits for a lower premium.

Researching each health fund and doing a detailed analysis of what features and benefits are important to you is one way but very time consuming. Some websites act as a broker for a number of different funds and enables you to compare funds based on your particular requirements.

A caution we would add is that brokers only cover a limited number of health funds so please be aware that other funds may be more appropriate for your individual needs. We would still recommend that it's worth checking their shortlist of funds that they recommend for you to see if you could be saving money.

Health Funds and Massage

We used to provide a table comparing the cover provided for remedial massage by the larger health funds such as Medibank Private, BUPA, MBF, AHM, HBA, NIB and HCF. The information was obtained from the company websites and from contacting the companies. However given that there can be significant differences even within the same fund, we now feel that it may be misleading to quote data that may not be wholly accurate.

We would like to stress that we do not recommend specific health funds as the circumstances for each family or individual are different. We urge that you do your own research and determine what is the best health fund for your own personal circumstances.

Another factor worth considering is whether your preferred therapist is registered with a specific fund. For remedial massage, MBF and Medibank Private are more demanding with respect to qualifications/training and there may be significantly fewer therapists who are registered with these particular funds. NIB and HCF also have their own particular requirements and qualification standards.

By Richard Lane

Any information, advice, recommendations, statements or otherwise contained herein, or in any other communication whether oral or in writing, is not intended to replace or to be a substitute for medical advice trained by a trained physician or healthcare practitioner.

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