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Massage Courses Online and Massage DVDs

There is no substitute for studying massage at an accredited and recognised massage school for those who wish to become professional massage therapists. However, many people are just interested in a simple introduction to massage - "Massage for Dummies" through an online massage course. They may just wish to give their partner a relaxing/sensual massage with the knowledge that their partner may benefit physically and emotionally from the power our their touch or they may be interested in trying it out with a view to more formal study at a later stage.

There are a significant number of ways to learn massage online and there are massage courses aimed at assisting these people gain an insight into the world of massage. One of the better online massage courses is

If you choose to buy the massage course online and video workshop you'll get
  • 15 Online massage lessons (video). This include the basic strokes and routines for parts of the body including back, neck, legs, arms, feet, head etc.
  • Basic anatomy relevant for massage.
  • Step-by-step massage instruction to attack critical hot spots of the body - key areas of tightness on most people that 'demand' to be released.
  • Tips on how to perform massage safely.
  • Hard copies of the full body massage sequence to make it easier for you to remember.
  • Member support and other helpful resources.

Now we would repeat that studying massage from watching online videos is not the best way to learn. Enrolling in a good massage school is the preferred approach. However if you only have time during your lunchbreak and your only study tool is your computer or you want to use a resource in addition to your than massage school, then you would do a lot worse than to invest in

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