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Inner West/Eastern Suburbs Mobile Massage Therapists Thoughts

"I have been doing mobile massage for 3 years now. Before I decided to work as a mobile therapist visiting clients in their homes I rented space at a clinic and also did a contract with a city gym. Often clients mentioned about having a massage at home, but as I didnt have a car then I couldnt do it. My clinic rent was pretty high each month and often I was just left with enough to pay rent food and basic living. After months of deciding what to do to make me really enjoy my work as I felt I had alot to give and didnt really want massage to be just a hobby job I decided to try out mobile massage.

After a few months I knew I had the lifestyle I always had imagined. I was out there in the fast lane of life (except for going through a red light at nearly midnight which had a camera and cost 3 points plus $200 and something fine) I was doing prettty well as I didnt have the big rent to pay, compared to working at a clinic.

I got to know most of the suburbs and back street of sydney and often thought if this doesnt take off I will become a taxI driver. I find the freedom of driving between jobs is great as it isn't as boring as hanging around indoors at a clinic, and I can sometimes stop at a beach and have a swim or a walk inbetween jobs, so pack your swimmers and let life begin.

I dont do as many jobs as I would at a clinic as you got to add on travel time . I think for me it is more of a lifestyle as that is all I seem to do, as I am available from 10am to 10pm and being self employed I can arrange my day to the way I like it. Other therapists work part time or do other things etc so I think with the mobile business you can choose your hours and be ready to go when you want to just in case the phone rings.

I have been getting jobs from innerwest massage for nearly two years now. Richard is very fair with the work so we all seem to get jobs but if for some reason we are not available then he will send in another therapist. It is also a good way to build up you clients as he has a great system that makes everyone happy and enjoy working for him. We also get to meet the other therapists and meet up for dinners or massages which Richard provides, so we are all a close net team helping each other and sharing jobs if we cannot do them ourselves.

If you feel mobile massage is for you, and you are a qualified therapist with most health funds etc then I think you will not find a better massage provider for other therapists than Richard. So give it a try and see you out there soon
cheers Patrick"
I have been working in my own practice for 5 years now and since I started working with Eastern Suburbs Mobile Massage my client base has increased significantly. Working for Richard gives me the flexibility of being able to focus on my own business but also feel like I'm part of a team, as well as a great income (the rate of pay is extremely fair compared to other employers). Security is obviously an important issue for mobile massage, but I've never had any concerns since Richard vets all calls before fielding them to us. Richard is a great guy to work for - positive, proactive and very generous.
- Anthea Falkiner
"I had been working as a mobile massage therapist before joining with Inner West massage, and I found it has been an excellent option to supplement my massage income. Due to its presence in the marketplace, there were times I was getting more clients through Inner West than my own website listings.
The benefits of working as a mobile massage therapist include flexibility of working hours, reduced overheads, and the satisfaction of working with a client in their own home - they are allowed to relax in their own environment and they often comment they appreciate not having to travel home afterwards!
There are also many benefits to working within a network of therapists. There is the opportunity to work with other therapists, in cases of Hens Parties or for a couples massage, being able to refer work on if you are not available, and with several therapists on hand, there is the opportunity for Richard to select the most appropriate therapist for the client in terms of experience and availability.
From speaking with other therapists who have worked for other contracters, Richard is very fair in terms of the commission he receives and I have found him to be an honest and understanding colleague to work with. As a female therapist I appreciate having someone else manage the calls, and it gives me an extra feeling of security knowing Richard has the client's contact details.
The main downside of working as a mobile therapist is the time involved in driving to and from the client's place and setting up and striking the equipment for each massage, as well as parking the car in a convenient location which can be tricky in some areas of Sydney. However I have found this work has been great to work around my other commitments."
-Leonie Brown
  • variety added to your day-as you are not working from the same place everyday
  • personal freedom - you are able to choose the hours you work
  • above average earnings
  • you don't have to worry about clients running late or not turning up as you are the one travelling to them
  • you are paid on the day - you don't have to wait for your weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay
  • some of the houses you work from feel like you are on holidays and you have to remind yourself you are there to work
  • you feel very secure as the clients are giving their personal details phone, address etc to Richard before you confirm the booking

My only dislike is not finding front door parking, but compared to all the benefits I am fine with having to cope with a bit of walking.
Cheers Betty
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