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Therapist Availability for Mobile Pregnancy Massage in Inner West Sydney

Please note: only the following therapists are available for pregnancy massage. Please ring 0421 410057 to confirm availability (+ we occasionally get late cancellations so you never know ....)

Liz Haire's Availability for Pregnancy Massage

Please call 0421 410057 to check Liz's current availability.

Lauren White's Availability for Pregnancy Massage

Saturday 16 December - Unavailable

Anna Frelek's Availability for Pregnancy Massage

Anna is available for mobile massage most evenings (including weekends). Please call 0421 410057 to check Anna's current availability for any particular evening.

Richard Lane's Availability for Pregnancy Massage

Monday 09 December-Unavailable

Tuesday 10 December - Afternoon and after 7.30pm

Wednesday 11 December - During day and 8pm

Thursday 12 December - Afternoon

Friday 13 December - Afternoon/evening

Saturday 14 December - 10am and from around 1.30pm

*Please note that this data is subject to change and amount of notice
- please ring to confirm availability.

Phone 0421 410057
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