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Pregnancy Massage Sydney

Pregnancy is an incredibly important time
for you and your baby.

Let us help look after you with a great, affordable pregnancy massage in Sydney's Inner West and CBD.

Are you looking for a suitable pregnancy massage therapist in and around the Inner West of Sydney ?

Inner West Mobile Massage Sydney can offer you expert pregnancy massage in the comfort of your own home from trained and accredited therapists.

Availability of Pregnancy Massage Therapists.

pregnancy massage sydney
Why Pregnancy Massage?
Most pregnant women feel discomfort during pregnancy. The physical, physiological and emotional changes that occur cause added stress on the mother-to-be. More and more women are discovering the benefits of a pregnancy massage. These benefits include
  • Neck and back pain relief caused by muscle imbalance and imperfect posture.
  • Assist in maintaining proper posture.
  • Relaxation and decreased insomnia.
  • Emotional support through nurturing touch.
  • Preparation of muscles required in childbirth.
  • Reduced calf cramps.
  • Lower sciatic pain.
What Makes the Pregnancy Massage of Inner West Mobile Massage Different?
  • We visit you - no more getting back into your car and Sydney's traffic, undoing all the great work of your therapist
  • Exceptional, Accredited Massage Therapists with specific pregnancy massage training
  • Excellent Prices
  • We can offer pregnancy massages 7 days a week including evenings
  • Health Fund Rebates may be available
  • Guarantee of great massage. We stand behind the quality of our massage 100% with a money back Guarantee

Availability of Pregnancy Massage Therapists.

Save time and money - we visit you!

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Do we use pregnancy massage tables?
Some clients occasionally request a massage on a prenatal massage table. We do not support the use of these because by massaging a women prone past the first trimester, there can be
  • Strain on the lumbar, uterine and pelvic structures
  • Rotation of the Sacro-Iliac joints
  • Increased strain on sacrouterine ligaments
  • Shortened posterior musculature
  • Compression and anterior displacement lumbar vertebrae and lumbosacral junction
We prefer to perform pregnancy massage with the client in a side-lying or seated position. Many of our therapists use a specifically designed pregnancy massage cushion manufactured by Meridian. For more information then please check out our
Pregnancy Massage Cushion Photos.

This view is independently supported on a recent forum discussion by massage therapists which discusses the merits or otherwise of prenatal massage tables. For more information click here

Whether massage is appropriate in the first trimester of pregnancy is a contentious issue - for more information please read the article
Massage in the First Trimester

Inner West Mobile Massage has therapists who have received specific training in pregnancy massage through Nature Care College. If you have any questions or would like to make a booking to have a relaxing pregnancy massage in the comfort of your home then please call 0421 410057.

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Save time and money - we visit you!

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