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Pregnancy Massage Cushion

Pregnancy is an incredibly important time
for you and your baby.

Let us help look after you with a great, affordable pregnancy massage in Sydney's Inner West and CBD.

For the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney then please check out
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The normal massage positions of lying on your stomach and back are not appropriate for a pregnancy massage because of comfort and safety concerns.
Occasionally we receive requests for a pregnancy massage on a prenatal massage table. However, we do not condone the use of these since massaging a women prone past the first trimester, there can be
  • Strain on the lumbar, uterine and pelvic structures
  • Rotation of the Sacro-Iliac joints
  • Increased strain on sacrouterine ligaments
  • Shortened posterior musculature
  • Compression and anterior displacement lumbar vertebrae and lumbosacral junction
"I found the pregnancy cushion wonderfully supportive for my belly and legs while receiving a massage. I was able to relax completely while the therapist worked deeply on my muscles, without the discomfort of my stomach pressing into the table. It would be great to have it in my bed permanently throughout my pregnancy!"

Anna, Earlwood

We believe that the safest and most comfortable position in which to receive a pregnancy massage is in the side-lying position. A number of our therapists use Meridian pregnancy massage cushions which are specifically designed to facilitate a relaxing yet therapeutic pregnancy massage. The pictures below indicate how we use this cushion to facilitate the massage.

"The pregnancy cushion is so comfortable and supportive that I wish I had my own for sleeping. I never imagined a massage in side-lying could be so comfortable and get to ALL my tired and aching back muscles, but it did. It's the kind of massage every pregnant woman needs, especially in the last few months"

Annette Gardiner

The Pregnancy Massage Cushion (no sheets)

The Pregnancy Massage Cushion with client (undraped)

The Pregnancy Massage Cushion with client (leg undraped)

Pregnancy Massage with
Meridan Pregnancy Cushion

"True innovation - a relaxing massage at 35 weeks pregnant made possible by the use of the pregnancy massage cushion used by the Inner West Massage service. I can thoroughly recommend. "

Cathy G

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