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This is my second season of dragon boating, so I wanted to challenge myself and try out for the NSW State Team. I am fairly small, so I needed to get stronger, to be able to compete at State level. To get into the team, we needed to get through two erg trials and one water based trial. These trials were extremely competitive, as everyone wanted to represent NSW at the Nationals.
Anthony helped guided me through a strength and conditioning regime. I got much fitter and much stronger, and my erg trials improved by 127 meters. This earned me at a spot at competing at the water based trials.
Anthony changed my regime to include pyramids to enable me to paddle flat out for 175meters. We competed at the water based trails and at Christmas I found out that I had finally made the NSW State team. ..It was a miracle and bloody fantastic!!!
I know that without Anthony's guidance I would not have been able to make the team. He was focused and motivating and knew exactly what exercise regime was needed in order to compete at every level of qualification for the team. Bring on the Nationals...

Thanks Anthony you're a champ."
Debra A Jones

"Workouts with Anthony are always entertaining but hard work as well. He keeps me motivated and always trying out new types of exercises.
I have definitely noticed a change in my fitness levels and it makes me want to achieve better results.
Anthony is very thorough in his assessments and very professional in his approach to the whole program and he always makes you feel completely at ease.

Without any hesitation I would recommend him to anyone no matter what their fitness levels are."
Alison Mcwhirter

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